Dr. Pound

Dr. Edwin C. Pound III MD - Breast Augmentation About Dr. Edwin C. Pound, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Atlanta, GA

Although skill and experience are important, we feel that in order to make a difference, a plastic surgeon must be more than just a good technician. A trust, built through strong patient-doctor communication is equally important. We want our patients to feel that we provide more than just a plastic surgery service, that we are interested in them as individuals and are willing to spend whatever time and effort is necessary to ensure that they receive the best possible result with either aesthetician services or plastic surgery.

Dr. Pound’s patients feel secure knowing that he will take the time to explain aesthetician services or plastic surgery procedures fully and in terms that they can understand. They appreciate knowing that they can call his office at any time and their questions or problems will be addressed directly by Dr. Pound rather than an office intermediary. Our patients also appreciate our concern for the spiraling cost of medical care.

By performing most of our surgeries on an outpatient basis, Dr. Pound can offer the patient considerable savings without compromising on patient care. This also allows our patients to recuperate in the comfort of their own home. The difference that we make in the lives of our patients is reflected in the return visits and referrals of children and grandchildren of previous patients who recognize the quality of care that we provide. From the poverty-stricken child in a remote Indian village to the Hollywood celebrity, we treat everyone with the respect and attention that we would desire for our own family members.

Although Dr. Pound is an expert in many areas of plastic surgery, he is a world-renowned expert in the Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) procedure, a technique for inserting saline-filled breast implants, above or below the chest muscle, through a small incision in the belly button. Dr. Pound has performed the TUBA procedure more than any other plastic surgeon in the world. He has lectured and written numerous articles on this topic.

Born at Piedmont Hospital, Dr. Pound grew up in the Atlanta area where he attended the Westminster Schools and is the latest in a long line of Georgia doctors in his family. He received his undergraduate degree at Duke University followed by post-graduate study at the University of Georgia and Georgia State University where he received a Masters degree in immunology.

A graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, Dr. Pound trained in general surgery at the University of Tennessee in Memphis where he also completed a fellowship in burn surgery. He then completed a residency in plastic surgery at the State University of New York before returning to Atlanta to join his father in practice. Continuing his father’s tradition of quality medical care, Dr. Pound’s interests encompass the entire spectrum of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery including breast surgery, facelifts, eyelid, nose, and ear surgery, collagen injections, body contouring with liposuction, hand surgery, and burn surgery.

A caring professional, Dr. Pound is an advocate of serving the less fortunate and has flown on medical missions to India, The Dominican Republic, and three times to Colombia delivering health care to the children of the less fortunate. He has been on over fifteen medical missions to India, El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic where he treated children with cleft lips, cleft palates, and burns.

Dr. Pound’s professional society memberships include the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Southeastern Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, Healing the Children, the Flying Doctors of America, and Medical Mission Group.

Dr. Pound’s hobbies include tournament volleyball, saltwater aquaria, tennis, skiing, and scuba diving.
Dr. Pound and his wife, Laura, have four children; Curry, Nealy, Austin and Alex.