Lip Reduction by Win Pound, M.D. Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta, GA

Lip Reduction by Win Pound, M.D. Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta, GA

We often hear about patients who want full, pouty lips. There are fillers and procedures designed to accomplish such results. What we rarely hear about are patients whose lips are too full. These patients desire a lip reduction.

Like lip augmentations, lip reductions can be performed under local anesthesia in an office setting. The procedure consists of removing a strip of tissue inside the visible portion of the lip to decrease lip fullness. Fortunately, lip tissue has excellent blood supply and tends to heal quickly and with very little scarring.

The amount of tissue to be removed is marked prior to the procedure. This is important as the administration of local anesthesia may result in swelling and distortion of the lip. The physician must count on his pre-operative markings for guidance. Once anesthetized, the strip of tissue to be removed is excised. The incision is then closed with absorbable sutures.

Most patients require very little with regard to pain medications following lip reduction procedures. They are instructed to elevate their head and apply cold compresses to the lips afterwards in order to decrease swelling and bruising. Some patients may like to take Arnica Montana, an herb that may also help decrease swelling and bruising. Patients are also instructed to eat a soft diet for a week following the surgery.

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