Three Pitfalls to Watch Out For When Searching For a Plastic Surgeon by Win Pound, M.D. in Atlanta, GA

Three Pitfalls to Watch Out For When Searching For a Plastic Surgeon

-Win Pound, M.D.-

Board Certification: With the squeeze of managed care and Obamacare, many physicians in specialties other than plastic surgery are taking weekend courses in cosmetic surgery in order to bypass insurance companies altogether and deal only in cash. Just because their advertisement says “Board certified plastic surgeon” does not mean that they are properly trained and certified. They may be board certified in some specialty and practicing plastic surgery but that does not make them a board-certified plastic surgeon. Always check credentials. The only board recognized by the American Medical Association for the training and certification of plastic surgeons is the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If they claim any board other than that one, they are NOT legitimate plastic surgeons. Let the buyer beware!

Cost Cutting: Who doesn’t want to find a bargain? That’s great when it comes to buying a car or a pair of shoes but not when it comes to your health and safety. Again, credentials matter. Some doctors offer low fees to compensate for their lack of training or certification. If you go to a discount surgeon and have a bad result, the difficulty of achieving a good result through a second surgery may be much higher as well as more expensive. Get it right the first time by utilizing a plastic surgeon with the proper skills and experience.

Technology: We are all fascinated by the latest, greatest technology. Still, all that is new is not necessarily better. New technology such as lasers and other machinery is expensive. Once a doctor buys one of these machines, he/she is married to it. Whether they use it or not, they have to sell it to their patients in order to pay for it. It might be the right procedure for you but, then again, it might be that the doctor is recommending it so that he/she can make their monthly payment on that machine.

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