Tummy Tuck Surgery Atlanta

Has your stomach started to creep over your pants? If yes, then you should look into undergoing Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty surgery. This is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today. From professional on the go moms to homemakers…. All of them are considering this option to get back into shape. Even men are opting for tummy tuck surgery, to look fit. This procedure involves the removal of excessive skin and fat deposits around the lower and middle parts of the abdomen.

The outcome of this surgical procedure is a flat stomach area with a smaller waistline, but the outcome is also affected by health, age, weight, and skin type.

Why opt for Abdominoplasty?

The skin is flexible. It can reshape with the help of exercise and diet regime, but in certain cases these remedies don’t help. This procedure can help you get back to your figure. Few people also opt for this procedure to strengthen weak muscles in the abdomen.

Good candidates for tummy tuck

The best candidates for the procedure are men and women who are in relatively good shape, but are bothered by a large fat deposit around the stomach area that did not respond to any amount of exercise and dieting. The surgery is opted by women having multiple pregnancies. Pregnancy stretches the abdominal muscles and skin beyond the point where they can return to normal. Elderly people are also ideal for the surgery as their skin loses its elasticity in old age.

Who is not a good candidate for the surgery?

  • Women planning pregnancy
  • People tend to lose a lot of weight after the surgery
  • If you have previous scarring
  • People with health issues


This may include

  • Infections: These can be treated using antibiotics.
  • Blood clot: This condition can be prevented by moving around as soon after the surgery.

Complications can be avoided if you listen to your doctor carefully and follow all the post and pre-surgery instructions.

How to find out you are a good candidate?

Consult a reputable and Board Certified plastic surgeon in your area. Make an appointment and meet him. The doctor will assess you and explain to you the benefits and risk involved with this technique. If you have a medical history, take all your reports and prescription to him.

In Atlanta, you can consult Dr. Edwin C Pound. He is an expert in performing an entire spectrum of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries including  breast surgery, facelifts, eyelid, nose, and ear surgery, collagen injections, and tummy tuck among others.

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